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Two Dogs, Izzy and Whyla - Bring your dogs and cats to our boarding kennel for pet sitting while you're at work or vacation. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.    
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A Caring & Compassionate Boarding Kennel For the Love of the Dog

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Call Farm-View Kennels for professional pet sitters and loving care of your special family members—your precious animals! We're a boarding kennel in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, offering caring and compassionate care of your dogs and cats on 26 acres of beautiful land.

It's fun to take Fido around town, but it's just not always possible when you want to go on vacation. Or perhaps an illness makes it difficult to take care of him. Instead of being left home alone, bring him to our boarding kennel where he'll have the chance to exercise in one of our 61 runs outside. He'll receive both regular feedings and supervised playtime. And with someone on the kennel property 24-hours a day, you know he's safe and sound when he's at Farm-View Kennels. Please call us for more information.

Our Boarding Kennel Amenities:

  • 24-Hour Care
  • Indoor & Outdoor Runs (Covered)
  • Indoor Heated Runs
  • 61 Total Runs
  • Music Time Daily
  • Regular Feed, Water, Play & Exercise Schedule
  • Dogs & Cats Supervised
  • One-on-One Personal Attention
  • Air Conditioned Runs

Trusted by Animal Lovers, Loved by Pets

We're trusted with the special members of your family for good reason. Because we're animal lovers just like you who want the best care and attention for dogs and cats. Our kennel pet sitters take the time to play with and exercise your animal, so he doesn't become lonely, depressed or worse—destructive!

When you're busy with business travel, vacationing, or are simply very busy, let us help you maintain the good health of your pet by keeping him healthy and happy at our boarding kennel. Call us today about our affordable rates and to schedule a reservation.

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Bring your dogs and cats to our boarding kennel for pet sitting while you're at work or vacation.