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Our Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel

Our Kennel Sign - Pet Boarding, Cat Kennel
  • 61-runs for boarding dogs and a separate private cattery for boarding cats.
  • Each run measures 4X6 feet on the inside with another 4X12 feet on the outside
  • The walls of the inside runs are 3 feet of painted concrete blocks then fencing beyond these dimensions providing a feeling of open space and light but maintaining a safe & secure environment
  • The outside runs are covered to provide shelter from the weather
  • The large exercise and play areas are 40 X 60 feet providing plenty of room to romp and play (during the summer & hot months water sprinklers are used to provide the dogs with some water lovin' fun and refreshment) Nature walks on the 26-acre property are also provided upon request and at an additional charge.
  • A 6- foot security fence encloses the entire kennel property
  • "Individual supervised" diets are provided upon request for each dog/cat
  A Kennel - Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels Our Kennels - Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels

BOARDING RATES: Effective 06/1/17
             All Breeds/Sizes are $ 34.00/per day                             
If (2) dogs are kenneled together  $58.00/total per day
                                          DAYCARE RATE:  $ 20.00/per day
Exercise / Nature Walk / One-On-One time
$ 6.00/per day
                                          All Breeds are $ 18.00/per day


                                                 GOING HOME BATHS: (tax included)

                                                 Small Dog  $ 25.00

                                                 Medium Dog  $ 29.00

                                                 Large Dog $ 40.00

                                                 Nail Trim  $ 15.00


                                                 $ 5.00 per Insuilin shot

                                                 $ 3.00 per day (All Meds)


15% Military Discount - Thank you!

(No credit cards accepted.  Check or cash only. Thank you!)








Izzy and Whyla playing with a toy duck - Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels Izzy relaxing in the grass - Dog and Cat Boarding Kennels

MEDICATION: we are happy to administer medication or injections to your pet. See Rates above.
Boarding Rates are calculated by the day, including the day of admission
10:00 AM CHECK-OUT TIME. Charges are from and including the day you check in until the day you check out. If you check out by 10:00AM there is no charge for that day.
Vet certificate required for RABIES, DHL-P, & K-9 COUGH
Vet certificate required for rabies and distemper.
We encourage you to bring your dog and/or cats comfort items such as a blanket, or bedding and favorite toys or bone. We can provide your pet with quality food from our kennel, or you may bring the diet /food that your pet is accustom to. Any special diets or request with feeding time is welcomed.

Bring your dogs and cats to our boarding kennel for pet sitting while you're at work or vacation.

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